Golf is your life and you want to make it your profession?

Make a career as

PGA Professional

The PGA Professional can add significant revenues to any club. This is done in many ways: knowledge, revenue increase & control, customer service & interaction, advice, lessons, marketing, member recruitment & retention,... The PGA Academy provides the necessary training in all these areas. 

Basic Education

You are a PGA Coach and want to upgrade to PGA Professional.

Continued Education

You are a Qualified PGA Professional and want to maintain or upgrade your level of knowledge.

University based

Combine your MPEd studies with a PGA Professional education at the UCL.

The education programmes for PGA Coach are organised by the regional Federations 

Team of Professionals

All our instructors at the PGA Academy are seasoned professionals with an extensive career 

About the PGA

The Professional Golfers' Association (PGA) of Belgium is one of the leading organisations within golf in Belgium.

The main objective of the Association is to promote the interest for the sport, to protect and enforce the mutual and professional interests of its members, to organise meetings and tournaments for its members, to provide a basic education for potential members and continued education for its qualified members, to create and manage mutual funds for its members and to help its members finding employment.

The original founding of the PGA of Belgium is to date unknown, although documents were found dating back to the 1920's and 1930's. The association as it is structured today, was founded in 1988.

Bruno Steensels,
Golf Architecture & Course Design

Anthony Otterstr√∂m, 
How to be Self Commercial

Henrik Lundqvist, 
Computer Coaching

Ben Ooms,
Management Skills applied to Golf