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Q.  One of the conditions to enter the programme is to pass the Playing Ability Test.  What are the details?

A.  Please note the following clarification on the 2018 conditions for Playing Ability Test in the education programme to become PGA Coach:

Qualifying competitions PAT

3 cards to a total of maximum +9 over CR before entering the PGA Coach education programme over a 24-month period

Qualifying competitions 2018:

EY Monday Tour (7 rounds)
Benelux PGA Trophy (2 rounds)
Wouwse Plantage Trophy (3 rounds)
Qualification Omnium + Omnium (1 to 5 rounds)
PGA Championship (3 rounds)

Federal Tour 2018

➢ GP AFGolf 5-6 may
➢ King's Prize 26-27 may
➢ Golf Vlaanderen Open 23-24-25 june
➢ BIAC 18-19-20-21 july (+ kwalificatieronde)
➢ GP de la Bruyere 4-5-6 august
➢ Omnium 16-17-18-19 august (+ kwalificatieronde)

Mid-Am Tour 2018

➢ Mid-Am Tour 24-25 march
➢ Open Mid-Amateur Championship 12-13 may
➢ Mid-Am Tour 1 september

Young Adults Tour 2018

➢ Young Adults 24-25 march
➢ Young Adults 1 september

Junior Tour U18 (born as of 2000)

➢ Federal Junior Tour 24-25 march
➢ Golf Vlaanderen Junior Open 2-3 july
➢ Rigenée Junior Open 9-10-11 july
➢ National Juniors 31 juli - 1-2-3 august
➢ AFGolf Junior Open 15-16 september

For those who are not eligible to participate in federal competitions (up to hcp 9.4), the PGA offers the possibility to play PGA events giving them the opportunity to play up to 20 qualifying rounds (30 if also played Monday Tour in Holland), meaning up to 60 rounds in the 24-month period.

We advise them to prepare intensively for these events by playing many practice rounds.

This section will be extended with questions as and when they come in.  For all further information, please contact PGA HQ on