PGA Academy

What do we have to offer

Basic training, continued training or University based training

The usual way of becoming a PGA Professional is to go through the training programme PGA Coach, organised by the regional federations, to and beyond the requirements set in the European Education Learning System, monitored by the PGAs of Europe.  However, it is also possible to combine a Master Degree Physical Education at the UCL with the training to become a PGA Professional.

Basic Training

The Basic Training for PGA Professional is open to all qualified PGA Coaches (for foreign PGA Coaches their education will be reviewed), who are members of the PGA of Belgium.  They will be trained in the following subjects:

If you wish to enter the Programme, please click the button above and download the Training Contract.  This document, completed and signed on ALL pages, should be mailed to before 5 January 2018.

Continued Training

"Once you stop striving to become better, you stop being good". That is our motto.  Being a PGA Professional means keeping up to date with the latest technology, coaching methodes, market changes, etc.  It is an on-going process, and the PGA of Belgium is offering seminars and courses to its members so they can fulfill the tasks that are required from them.


In an ever changing world such as golf where swing techniques and materials are continuously under evolution, the PGA Professionals need to keep themselves up-to-date in their business.

The PGA of Belgium has set up a system to evaluate the continued education of its members. Points are allocated in various areas of interest to the Professional. Furthermore, the PGA of Belgium organises minimum 2 seminars per year for its qualified Professionals.


Each year the Club Professional receives a "Classification Request" that allows him/her to make a round-up of the past year.

Points are awarded in the following areas: General Experience, Personal Development, Positions of Responsibility within the PGA, Participation and Tournament record.


During the meeting of the Continued Education Committee on 6 September 2010 it has been decided to deduct points to any member who fails to process their annual classification sheet and those who fail to gain points from the PGA seminars and PGA Teaching Conferences that take place every year.

The Personal Development category in the Classification System will therefore be defaulted to minus 20 pts per year, then revised upwards based on points attained during the same year.

>>> Classification Points System

University based Training

As of September 2016 the Faculty Motoric Sciences at the UCL in Louvain-la-Neuve will offer a Master in motoric skills: physical education to students with a high level in golf. This unique initiative in Belgium, which has the support of the Association Francophone de Golf (AFG) and the International Golf Federation (IGF), brings the univeristy and the Professional Golfers' Association (PGA) together to offer these students an academic education combined with a professional education.  The aim?  Prepare golfers to a successfull career switch, after their sports career. 

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